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Creepy...But Cute [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Creepy... But Cute

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(no subject) [Jan. 22nd, 2009|09:11 pm]
Creepy...But cute.

[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]

Name: Sophie
Location: sleepy south

Top five creepy but cute people:


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Bringing my comm back from the dead... [Aug. 12th, 2008|07:14 pm]
Creepy...But cute.

I was fighting this one, honest I was... but I gave in. It was only really a matter of time...

I used to have a crush on Jack Nicholson's joker and being a big comic geek I was quite anti Heath Ledger being the Joker at all, but after I went to see it, le swoon.

Mistah JCollapse )
His my new imaginary boyfriend. :)
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Diane Arbus [May. 10th, 2008|10:50 pm]
Creepy...But cute.

[Current Mood |crazycrazy]

 Has anyone seen Fur?
I'm going a little Robert Downey Jr. crazy since Iron Man came out and his character in Fur is creepy as hell.

Except at the end...

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Intoduction [Feb. 16th, 2008|05:01 pm]
Creepy...But cute.
[Current Mood |awakeawake]
[Current Music |something just randomly turned itself on...]

 Name: Gidge
Location: somewhere along the east coast
Your top 5 favourite creepy but cute people: 

5. Marty Feldman-how can you say no?
4. John Cleese-maybe not considered creepy by the general public, but honestly if this tall gentleman ever confronted me on the street I just might crap my pants.
 3. John Turturro- what can I say? It's John Turturro!
2. Malcolm McDowell- so creepy and beautiful in everything he did in his younger days
1. And who else would you expect to be number 1? Steve Buscemi.- i've had a crush on him for ages...

Any kinks or fetishes we should know about? Pyschopaths are always gonna be close to my heart as well as bulgy eyes.

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Why hello there [Dec. 22nd, 2007|10:44 pm]
Creepy...But cute.

[Current Music |spank rock]

Name: Hi! Im Frolick!
Location: Michigan
Your top 5 favourite creepy but cute people

  1. Johnny Depp! He is the quintessence of creepy cute. Just about any movie he’s been in.

  2. Cillian Murphy! The Scarecrow? Um, HOT.

  3. Kevin Spacey! Seven? The Usual Suspects? Whoo hoo.

  4. Christian Slater! Heathers.

  5. Gaspard Ulliel! OMG Hannibal Rising.

Any kinks or fetishes we should know about?

Sharp objects are fun and blood is pretty against pale skin. Johnny Depp was stunning in Sweeney Todd and Sleepy Hollow. Psychopaths make me hot.

Some creepy cute I found...Collapse )

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Introduction, as well as the boys of The Birthday Massacre [Dec. 1st, 2007|09:24 pm]
Creepy...But cute.
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

Hey everyone. I found this community while I was at creepy_butsexy, so I decided I'd join!

Name: Vera
Location: Philadelphia
Your top 5 favourite creepy but cute people: Too hard to narrow it down to five, there's too many!
Any kinks or fetishes we should know about?: I like hands. And legs. And facial hair. And guys wearing makeup. And... well, you get the picture.

I decided I'd start off with a little post about some of my favorite creepy cuties, the guys of The Birthday Massacre. If any of you are familiar with the band you know how hot they all are. I added some eye candy below the cut.

TBM = sexCollapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 24th, 2007|01:44 pm]
Creepy...But cute.


Last season of dr who there was a double episode called Human Nature/Family of Blood. And I fancied the pants off of Jeremy Baines/Son of Mine. Who was incredibly creepy, especially when shouting at people.

Why did no one tell me he was in Robin Hood?

If anyone could post some pictures of Son of Mine I would be eternally grateful, as Ive been looking and I can't find any nice ones :)

More to the point, why didnt I realise till two days ago?

So, without more ado...

The (now) main reason why I love watching Robin Hood....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
his good with his handsCollapse )

I also found out that he is the great great great grandson of Charles Dickens and went to Eton. Could he be any more fanciable? (Wonders if anyone else has a posh boy fetish)
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(no subject) [Nov. 14th, 2007|02:45 pm]
Creepy...But cute.

He passed me by in Lord of the Rings. But give him a Russian accent and leather gloves.....Hello, Mr Mortensen.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 28th, 2007|09:27 pm]
Creepy...But cute.

My newest crush...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

El Wray.... Collapse )

Rose McGowan is hot too :)
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(no subject) [Sep. 21st, 2007|11:33 am]
Creepy...But cute.
[Current Mood |sicksick]
[Current Music |Skip James]

Name: Kid
Location: Top secret
Your top 5 favourite creepy but cute people:

Christian slater
Macaulay Culkin
Jeremy Irons
Billy bob Thornton
Jason Schwartzman

Any kinks or fetishes we should know about?
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Wesley Bentley [Sep. 19th, 2007|03:59 pm]
Creepy...But cute.
Because he is amazingly weird and hot and he's got a Blackheart.

Peek-a-booCollapse )
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(no subject) [Sep. 13th, 2007|09:55 pm]
Creepy...But cute.

James McAvoy.

Why is he creepy? Because I say so.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Read more...Collapse )
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nails, glass & a plastic bag? looks like fun [Aug. 26th, 2007|01:18 pm]
Creepy...But cute.

[Current Mood |dirtydirty]

i thought i'd share my latest obsession with you ...because i can't seem to find anyone who understands me  :P   it's derren brown..who some of you might know (or not) as  a magician, illusionist,  etc.... he has a show called "mind control" airing in the us atm.
so i watched some of his older stuff and there was a stage show in which i came to the impression that he really is not only creepy.. but kind of sick... xD      judge for yourselves. here's a link to my journal with pics of what i'm referring to: http://lincolnimp.livejournal.com/12396.html#cutid2
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Need Some Help [Aug. 10th, 2007|06:07 pm]
Creepy...But cute.

[Current Mood |calmcalm]

I'm looking for a site with American Beauty screencaps...
Anyone know any?
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Can Anyone Help? [Aug. 3rd, 2007|01:37 am]
Creepy...But cute.
Hey guys, okay I just have a quick question actually.

I saw this pic posted about a year ago, can someone please tell me what episode it's from?

I figured out since it was posted last august that it's from season one but ive seen all the episodes and I don't remember this.

Thanks in advance.
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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2007|09:59 pm]
Creepy...But cute.

[Current Location |Hiding In Your Closet]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |What Have You Done - Within Temptation]

I finally found a community where I can obsess over Blackheart! XD

Name: Spigot

Location: I'm not quite sure

Your top 5 favourite creepy but cute people:
1. Wes Bentley as Blackheart in Ghost Rider
2. David Tennant as Barty Crouch in Harry Potter - GoF
3. Robert Englund
4. Quentin Tarantino in Dusk Til Dawn
5. . . . uh . . .

Any kinks or fetishes we should know about?
Um, no not really. But I do like accents...especially Scottish, British, and Irish
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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2007|11:38 am]
Creepy...But cute.

Spreading the Frank/Gerard ness, Dont look under here if ya don't like the boykissing

You can sleep in a coffin, but the past ain't through with youCollapse )
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Hope you guys enjoy this scene as much as I did ;) [Jul. 25th, 2007|06:51 pm]
Creepy...But cute.
Hey everyone..... i took a bunch more caps of the end scene of Octane with Norman and Jonathan because.... well, because I like it.

Anyways thought everyone here might like them ^_^

Also I just capped Masters of Horror - Cigarette Burns so anyone into Norman Reedus, Udo Keir, John Carpenter OR just like that episode might be interested :)

FYI: There's a lot of caps because I think this scene is BEYOND hot!!!!!!!


There's the link to the caps on cap_it
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'lo [Jul. 25th, 2007|08:47 pm]
Creepy...But cute.

[Current Mood |dirtydirty]
[Current Music |alkaline trio - all on black]

found this cimmunity and just HAD to join ^^ 
Name: well, let's stay with lincolnimp..
Location: somewhere in time and space
Your top 5 favourite creepy but cute people: oh this is difficult..but i'll try :p
1. burn gorman as owen harper in torchwood
2. peter sarsgaard in boys don't cry
3. udo kier
4. mickey rourke (especially in domino...)
5. wes bentley in american beauty
thanks to this community i also find myself attracted to norman reedus and frank iero ^^
and i kinda have a crush on hannibal lecter XD
Any kinks or fetishes we should know about? dunno if you should know about it.. but i sorta am into bdsm and blood.. and british accents

so.. here are a few pics .. ok more than a few...
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