Creepy...But Cute

The pursuit of scary sexy boys.

Creepy...But cute.
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♠ ♥ Welcome to Creepy but Cute. ♥ ♠

This little community is dedicated to the pursuit of a certain kind of man-boy-meat.

His creepy, scary, un-nerving and weird, but you cant get enough of him. His scary but sexy, insane but charming, Dark but desirable...CREEPY BUT CUTE.

Feel free to post photos of your creepy beau, post some fan fiction, do whatever you want!

A little Survey, post this when you join up:
Your top 5 favourite creepy but cute people:
Any kinks or fetishes we should know about?

Unfortunately, wherever there is pervy fun, there are rules. These are them:

1) No bitch fights, drama, flaming or rough stuff.
2) No community whoring
3) Anyone who whores a community, posts any nastiness or I just plain dont like shall be banned, no warning just banned :)
4) When you post pictures, you can post one as a teaser, the rest *must* be placed behind a livejournal cut.

Happy Perving!

Love your mod... arkhamdarling